Our first Huile de Parfum.

Clean, Cologne, Citrus
Our first Huile de Parfum is a minimalist
blend featuring beloved ingredients
Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Orange
Blossom and Black Pepper.
Second limited edition of 10 × 10ml roller bottles, each hand-numbered
Available exclusively at AKJP STUDIO, 73 Kloof Street, Cape Town

















Wearing a perfume oil is a much more intimate and slow way of experiencing a perfume.
Oil-based perfumes have a softer, more natural scent and tend to ‘stick’ to the skin and linger. 

Natural perfume can smell quite different from person to person. It develops differently
on the skin over time compared to commercial alcohol-based perfumes.

Apply our Huile de Parfum to areas not exposed to direct sunlight, such as inside of
wrists/ elbows, behind ears, and back/ nape of neck.
Roll it on and then dab. Do not rub.

The scent will continue to develop and mature after the first use.
Try to finish it within 6 months.



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